Let the light In.

by Marcia A. Tulloch

Sitting here, doing nothing in particular, but doing five different things while contemplating  what educational or inspirational topic I could listen to on Youtube.  I have been working on me, dusting off my robe, straightening my crown, you know, getting ready to get back on my throne. This queen has been on the battlefield for a minute. As I sit here fiddling, this burst of sunshine just flooded the room, it had been overcast and rainy for a couple of days and the curtains were open and the sunlight just flooded the space. I started noticing the dust on the furniture and on the TV which wasn’t visible before, that’s when I thought, hey, that’s how I want  my heart to be flooded with light and light up all my dark spaces so I could see all the things that needed to be cleaned up on my inside, I want  light to flood my mind and my thoughts, illuminate them and  shed light on some of those pesky little situations in my life that keeps recurring because I tend to bury  my head in the sand and pull it out when the coast is clear, avoid them or just bury them inside and never address them. I need a flood of light like that to expose all the junk I buried on the inside, all the things I’ve failed to address, all the people I have in there that I need to release. I want the light to  flood every area of my life so I can see clearly  the things that needs to go like fear, self doubt  and settling for less than I deserve. You too can open up your being to the light and let it shine through you and brighten up your dark spaces and shed light on the abuse you may have had to endure as a child that left you broken and confused, the abuse or neglect you may have  faced as a partner or a wife, the abondonment issues and insecurities that may have your heart locked away.  Whatever it may be that has affected you, because most of us struggle with something some time within our lifetime. Let the light in and open up to maybe trusting again or loving again but let it begin with you. Learn how to love yourself, embrace the pain you may have from your past and allow yourself to heal. Let the light shine on all the things that you may have lost like joy, happiness, feeling secure, lack of self esteem or anything that God intended for our lives for us to walk into our destiny.  Let the light warm your heart and feel love flow through your whole being and fill you with love, compassion and empathy towards everyone. Let the light allow you to see the brokenness in others, the hurt and the pain, and only then you can see why they can only give what they have inside. Let the light illuminate your path so that you can see when to walk away from the things that doesn’t align with who you are. Love everyone but let go of  the toxic relationships in your life, those relationship can be a vicious cycle that drains your energy and never blossom into anything beyond what they are. Trim the dead branches of your life and make room for new friendships and new relationships….letting the light in, somewhere off Barton Street.